Eternality of the Transitory Humanity



Digital art has fascinated me since its conception, the boundless artistic freedom that digital creation allows has captured my heart. Until now, I created art using a classic Flemish technique combined with modern symbolization of messages, resulting in an exclusive artistic language that earned me professional respect and international publicity. However, deep down I felt that I confined myself to a particular style, which prevented me the freedom to express the ideas that burnt inside me. Recently, I created a completely different freestyle art, yet I still felt bound to the material, brushes, colors and canvas surfaces.

Therefore, after many years of creation and international achievements in the field of classical art, I decided it was time to step out of the material limitations and create digital work expressing cultural philosophical messages that I believe in. Equipped with an advanced digital toolbox, I embarked on a journey over the horizon where an exciting new world without boundaries of style or materials awaited me. Now I am able to combine shape, color, sound and movement with a different technique for each piece individually, and convey messages and experiences through a range of styles and unlimited means.

The first digital piece I created is called “Eternality of the Transitory Humanity“.  (Click here to view)

Humanity is fundamentally heterogeneous held within a homogeneous framework, an assembly of entities composed from different races, nations and religions. Each entity is made up of unique individuals, different from each other externally and internally; similar to tiles of different materials and colors that make up the living mosaic. But all the elements of humanity have a common denominator, seemingly illogical. Every human strives to achieve what one does not have, to advance and create a better life despite the circle of life which inevitably returns to the starting point, “dust to dust”. The piece “Eternality of the Transitory Humanity” arises to highlight the insight that everything is temporary and momentary, hence there is no purpose for the instants of anger, disappointment, sorrow, tension and anxiety that occupy us. For every human, from birth is destined to fade and disappear sooner or later into the pages of history.

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